Steel Laser Cutting

Steel Laser Cutting
Steel laser cutting is a technology through which a high powered laser is concentrated on steel metal with the grounds of cutting or shaping it to a desired shape and size. Throughout the cutting, steel metal melts down leaving behind a oleaginous surface. It is important to note that there is no contact between the laser and steel metal further therefore by utilizing this method concerning cutting, you can fulfill a high horizontality of accuracy and precision.

Adequate to the high density of steel, laser is the most popular method of scission it. Strengthen has found many uses in our daily lives for example making cutting tools, making weapons, in construction and versatility other uses. In order to achieve a high quality of items produced from steel, you need to use the exact sizes required and this is the reason why you should cut them using a laser.

There are four types of laser beams that can be used when editing steel. They include copy dioxide CO2 laser, nitrogen cutting, Oxygen cutting as well as sublimation cutting. When using Oxygen laser, more heat determination be generated when the laser makes contact with steel surface desert to the presence of oxygen. The extra heat produced further helps to boost the cutting process. On the other hand, additional power will be required although you custom inactive gasses for example nitrogen laser.

During the process of steel cutting, the high powered laser is directed to the part of the smooth that you want to cut. The laser will rudimentary make a hole on the surface of steel and then the cutting is done. After the ream is created, you can cut the steel metal in two ways. The first way is by keeping the laser fixed at one point and then the steel metal is moved. The second way is along keeping the steel metal fixed at unite point and then moving the laser. Cutting can also be achieved by stirring both the steel and the laser.

When the surface regarding steel is hit by the laser beam, its temperature rises so fast that when they reach the melting point of steel, the metal mind melt and vaporize away. It is important to note that the power of laser used will live determined by the thickness of steel plate. Thicker steel plates will require more power than the thin ones. Thickness resolve also determine what type of laser that will be used for example copy dioxide cannot go past 1500 watts and this gender of power can only be used to amputation thin steel plates. Thick encourage metal plates will require up to 2000 watts and this can best be provided by oxygen laser.

Piercing steel with laser method has several advantages midst using other sarcastic options for example plasma cutting, jack-o-lantern cutting and waterjet cutting. Laser method is quicker compared to the other options. It besides minimizes the chances of you damaging the steel surface during cutting. However, one must be careful not to suffer burns during cutting. Laser cutting may also require more voltage than the other cutting options.