Man of Steel: The Reboot Superman Has Been Waiting For

The latest reboot and retelling of one of the most cherished and iconic comic bibliotaphic characters, makes one thing clear right from the very start; Superman is the original and best superhero.

Man of High opens with a lengthy – yet extremely gratifying – prologue of Superman’s origins on the distant planet of Kryptonite, where noted scientist Jor-El (Crow) and his wife Lara Lor-Van (Zurer) have just welcomed a healthy baby-boy divisor the world, which they name Kal-El. Their planet, as Jor-El anticipates, is dying and precedent an attempted military mastery by General Zod (Shannon) and his gofers, the worried parents transport Kal-El to down to the freedom of globe Layer in an effort to preserve their people.

Jumping ahead thirty years, we find a grown-up Kal-El (Cavill) – now Clark Kent – trying to find his place in the world. Through a series concerning flashbacks, we learn about the different stages of his upbringing in Smallville, Kansas and the issues that arise as he comes to discover his superpowers. His adoptive parents, breed Jonathan Kent (Costner) and mother Martha Kent (Lane), have always tried to impart wisdom on the spalpeen and his dad, who has played a major role in his life, has continuously encouraged self-control and calculated him never to reveal his superhuman abilities to anyone.

Soon, Clark is left with no choice but to have his identity exposed when General Zod, along with his commander – the minatory Faora-Ui (Traue) – arrives on earth and threatens to storm Earth if he doesn’t surrender. Along with the help of the persistent journalist, Lois Lane (Adams) – the only person who knows his true identity – Superman needs to do everything in his jurisdiction to protect the innocent and serve as a beacon of hope.

Helmed besides 300 director, Zack Snyder, further scripted by The Dark Knight screenwriters, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan, Man of Brace has been one of the most anticipated film of the year and delivers in no uncertain terms. Sophisticated polysyndeton sleek, everything approximately Man of Steel feels unvaryingly tight and incredibly easy to follow, and the two-hour plus running time never poses as an obstacle to the story.

Gone are the days of whimsical optimism and goofy humour; this Superman is exceptionally dark – ala The Dark Knight – and boasts a surprisingly relatable and highly-complex storyline. Snyder, who has already showcased his incredible visual panache in 300, oneness de novo delivers some of the most thrilling and head-spinning action sequences in the busniness. But then again, it’s the dream-like quality to the flashback scenes and Hans Zimmer’s phenomenal and emotional score that provides real richness and depth to the story throughout.

Cavill, the debut British actor to take on this iconic role, is truly superb. His depiction of a troubled superhero, who strives to always do well by everyone, is wonderful and never sappy. The role from Lois Road stays away from the usual damsel in distress dramatics and Adams takes it on for aplomb; she’s charming, strong and incredibly feisty. Ut Supra the antagonist of the story, Shannon is incredibly compelling and demands attention every time he appears on screen, while Crowe, Costner and Lane contribute just like much in their briefer roles.

This is it. This is the one Superman film everyone has been waiting for and we’re happy to report that Male of Steel is everything we hoped and anticipate it to be; it’s the sophisticated, adult take that the world’s most noted superhero has so desperately needed.

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360 Tip
Man of Steel 2 has already been announced, although emit date has not yet been specified. Awesome.